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HopSkipDrive is a car ride-service (like Lyft and Uber) for kids 6+ who need to go when their parents can’t. The company was created by 3 moms in California who understand the stress of driving kids to all of their activities, and the safety concerns parents have putting their children in someone else’s car. It is now available in Denver!

I was able to try the whole process for myself, and additionally, talk to one of the founders of HopSkipDrive, and also interview a driver so that I could become very familiar and knowledgeable about the company. I wanted to make sure it would be something that I would recommend…which means that I myself would have to be comfortable with the service.

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Using HopSkipDrive was very simple. You simply download the app onto your phone, create a profile and add profiles for each of your children.  You can create secret code words for each child that any given driver must say to the child in order to confirm that they are the right driver for that child.

I scheduled a ride for my oldest, who is eight, to be picked up at my home and dropped off at football practice a few miles away. The morning of the scheduled ride, I received a confirmation email with the name of my CareDriver, her picture and a bio about her. She was a local mom who looked like she could be one of my girlfriends…so I began to get more comfortable with the idea of using HopSkipDrive.

When it came time for Mikey to be picked up, I got a knock on the door at the correct time. Our CareDriver was there to pick him up. She was wearing a bright orange HopSkipDrive shirt! When you set up your child’s ride, you can specify whether you want the driver to knock on the door, just pull-up and wait, honk or text your child to let them know they are there.  Since I wanted to learn more about HopSkipDrive, the company had scheduled some extra time for me to interview our driver so that I could get a feel of who are picking up our kids. I was impressed by everything the driver told me:  the screening process for the drivers is very thorough to make sure you are getting safe drivers. In order to qualify to be a driver you had to pass a background check, personal reference checks, vehicle safety checks and in person training. Also, drivers must have 5 years’ experience working with children (or being a parent).

When she left with Mikey, she told him his security word (bananas) so that he (Mikey) knew she was the correct person to pick him up. His driver made sure he was buckled up and ready to go.

I followed Mikey en route via the HopSkipDrive phone app, where you can see them being tracked by GPS to the destination. Drivers are not allowed to use their phone while driving, but they do text when they arrive for pick-up and when they drop-off your child to let you know they have made it.

I asked Mikey what he thought about the experience, and he said it was great, the CareDriver was very nice and the he would be comfortable taking a ride with HopSkipDrive again.

Best of all, I figured out a solution to my Monday and Friday scheduling problem!

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  • Drivers are screened in person; receive background checks, their personal references are checked as well as their driving records. They are also finger printed and given in-person training. They receive more screening than a school bus driver.
  • Each vehicle is inspected regularly by a licensed mechanic who certifies the vehicle has passed a 19-point inspection. CareDrivers are only permitted to drive the vehicle that passed inspection.
  • HopSkipDrive now offers carpooling as a way for parents to easily organize rides with other families while saving money. Just like your regular carpool, parents can invite other families to carpool with them. CareDrivers can make multiple stops, so parents can arrange for CareDrivers to pick up two friends from camp or school and bring them each to a different home, or pick up friends from their homes and take them to camp or school together.
  • CareDrivers can text your child or yourself to get a hold of you or let you know they have arrived, but they do not have access to your phone number or information. All phone business is done through the HopSkipDrive system to keep your info private. And once your ride is over, the CareDrivers can no longer contact you.
  • You can leave special instructions for your CareDrive on how or where to pick-up/drop-off your child.
  • Your child should not go with a CareDriver that doesn’t know their special code word.
  • You can follow your child’s route via the HopSkipDrive app which is also monitored by live customer support.
  • No one 18 years or older, except for the driver, is allowed to ride in the car with your child.
  • Yes, you can carpool or send multiple children.
  • There are special protocols if there is an accident…although accidents are very very rare.

So would I use HopSkipDrive again? YES. Now that I have done my research into this service, I am comfortable having my oldest two children use it. There are times when us parents just can’t make our schedules work to get our kids where they need to be!

If you would like to try out HopSkipDrive in Denver use my code STEPHANIE555 to get your first ride on us!


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  1. April 15, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    Thank for the free hop skip drive coupon code

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    Ugh I can’t believe people do this!

  3. July 20, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    This is great information! I’ve been waiting for “Lyft or Uber for kids” for SO long! Thanks for the code for my first FREE Hop Skip Drive ride as well.

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    Perfect just what I was looking for! .

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